Dr. Liam Pedersen
Deputy Director, robotics at Alliance Innovation Lab – Silicon Valley
“Toward safe and socially acceptable autonomous vehicles” 

Liam Pedersen is Deputy Director at the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance Silicon Valley Lab where he created the Autonomous Driving team and now directs research in driverless transportation systems and urban mobility. Prior to this he worked on robotic systems for planetary exploration at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California. He holds a Ph.D. in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University (for the first robotic discovery of a meteorite), and is the recipient of NASA’s Public Service Medal and the NSF Antarctic Service Medal.

Mr. Olivier Sappin
CATIA CEO, Dassault Systèmes
“Cyber system for Autonomous Vehicle – An end to approach from Vehicle Mission to Certification Driven Simulation”

Dr. Vincent Abadie
VP, Senior Expert, Autonomous Vehicle and ADAS, PSA
“Global methodology for Autonomous Vehicle Safety and SOTIF validation”
After a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Control design, Vincent Joined PSA in 1994. Since 2008, he is a Senior Expert for PSA Group on ADAS and Autonomous vehicles. His role is to support the R&D in this domain. He represents PSA in the field of driving automation and road safety, in several international groups.

Mrs. Jasmin von Göler
Senior Manager E/E Chassis Systems, Driving Simulator and Functions, Mercedez-Benz AG
“Simulation and testing for automated driving”

Dipl.-Engineer, Jasmin von Göler is Senior Manager for Mercedes-Benz AG in Research and Development, reporting to the Director of Assistance Systems and Active Safety. She and her team are responsible for the Development of ADAS HiL/SiL Test Platforms, the Mercedes-Benz Driving Simulator, Control Unit Development of Chassis Systems and Driving Functions. Since 2002 she has been working in the field of driver assistance systems.


Mr. Rémi Bastien
Vice President, Automotive Prospective, Renault Group
“Safety is the biggest challenge for autonomous vehicle and simulation will complete actual data”
Dipl.-Engineer, Remi Bastien is Vice President for Automotive Prospective at Renault Group, reporting to the EVP engineering. He became Vice President for Research and Innovation for RENAULT Group (2009-15), before becoming Global Director for Autonomous Driving Prospective at the Renault/Nissan Alliance (2015-16). He is Chairman of VEDECOM (French cooperative research institute), Chairman of MOVEO (French cluster dedicated to mobility), Delegate general and Treasurer of FISITA. He was member of the EUCAR council (former chairman in 2012).
Pr. Thomas Stoffregen
Professor of Kinesiology, University of Minnesota
“Motion sickness in physical and virtual systems”
Dr. Stoffregen has studied motion sickness since 1991. His work includes development of a novel theoretical perspective on motion sickness etiology, and more than 20 years of experimental studies of motion sickness across a wide variety of situations and conditions. These include military flight simulators, projection virtual environments, desktop systems, tablet computers, head-mounted displays, and ships at sea, with subject populations from children to middle-aged adults. His research has been supported by NIH, NSF, and the European Community.

Industrial Keynotes

Dr. Roland Niemeier
Director Sales and Business Development, DYNARDO GmbH, an ANSYS company
“Workflow based exploration of parameter space and reliability analysis for automated driving”
Mr. Emmanuel Chevrier
CEO, AVSimulation
“Industry trends and accelerators with AVSimulation”
Mr. Luc Jacobs
System Engineer Motion Simulation Technoology, Bosch Rexroth B.V.
“Advanced technologies for motion simulators”
Mr. Sébastien Lozé
Industry Manager, Simulations, Epic Games – Unreal Engine
“From Manufacturing to Autonomous Vehicles: How Unreal Engine is an accelerator for automotive simulation development”

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