Project stages

  • Choose the right zone to study
  • Configure the simulation:
    • Set a realistic behavior model
  • Play with parameters (traffic lights positions, timing, …) to reduce induced pollution and travel time

Example area

Students can choose any area in Nice they want to study. We proposed the following area, which has many interesting aspects:

Interesting aspects:

  • A lot of types of vehicles can be found (cars, trucks, bikes, tramways) alongside with pedestrians
  • A highway crosses the area (on the left). A lot of people from other cities uses it when coming to Nice for work, so there is a big traffic in peak hours. This section of the highway contains a toll, so some people avoids it, even if it lengthens their travel.
  • There is a residential district, whose inhabitants generally do not work in this area
  • On the upper left can be found an activity area with a stadium and a concert hall