Mr. John Redford
Co-Founder & Chief Architect, Five AI
“Using Simulation in the Safety Assurance of Autonomous Vehicles”

Mr. Thierry Joubert
President, co-founder, CTO, Theoris
“Embedded driving simulation”

Dr. Jean-Marc David
Expert Leader Artificial Intelligence, Renault
“Big Data and AI for Autonomous Vehicles”


Mr. Bernard Dion
CTO, ANSYS Systems Business Unit
“Combining Driving Scenarios Analytics and Simulation for Safe Automated Driving Development”


Mr. Emmanuel Chevrier
CEO, AVSimulation
“Industry trends and accelerators with AVSimulation”


Mr. Jonathan Hogins

Lead Engineer for Autonomous Vehicles, Unity
“Opportunities in real-time 3D autonomous driving simulations”


Mr. Marc Pajon
Expert Leader Testing & Validation Technologies, Renault
“From Assistance to Autonomous Driving : New validation challenges”


Mr. Sébastien Loze
Industry Manager, Simulations, Epic Games – Unreal Engines
“Driving simulated, for machine learning and drivers training”